Grout machines

Geoprobe® GP300



The GP300 is a dual-piston injection pump, hydraulically powered through a 9hp Honda engine. Designed originally for the injection of grout (bentonite/cement…) mixes it can also pump many remediation fluids. The two pistons guarantee a nearly constant flow of 13 lpm at 90 bar maximum. It weighs 147 kg, is easily dismounted for cleaning and is reassembled in a few minutes.

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Geoprobe® GP350



The GP350 pump is the same pump as the GP300 model but is dependent from an external hydraulic system. It is light (66kg) and easily manœuvrable. It can be powered through the auxiliary hydraulics of a Geoprobe® machine and it can inject most remediation fluids at 19 lpm with 90 bar (maximum) pressure. It also allows lateral injection through the use of the injection probes from Geoprobe®.

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Geoprobe® GP800



Mobile, compact and independent, this stainless steel pump was designed for the injection of high volumes of harsh chemicals (acids, permanganates, hydrogen peroxide…) at medium pressure. The GP800 can inject most chemicals 2 to 3 times faster than the GP300 at 30 lpm and 45 bar maximum pressure.

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