MiHpt Probe

A combined MIP-HPT probe!

MiHPT probeThe Geoprobe® DI group announces the availability of our latest direct push logging tool: a combination probe that can perform MIP, HPT, and EC measurements in one push.

  • Log of VOCs and formation permeability in one push
  • Ideal for remediation investigations
  • Great for determining contaminant mobility and migration pathways

The new probe detects volatile contaminants with the MIP, measures soil electrical conductivity with a standard (MIP) dipole array, and measures HPT injection pressure using the same down-hole transducer as the Geoprobe® stand-alone HPT system.

In post-processing the log data with Geoprobe® DI Viewer software, the user is able to estimate hydraulic conductivity (K) and water table elevation, as well as prepare graphical outputs of the log data.

The MiHpt probe has undergone extensive testing in the U.S. and in Denmark both by the Geoprobe® DI engineering team and as beta releases with field users.

The new tool is available in both a 1.75 in. (44.5mm) OD probe (PN: MH6532 | MN: 219228) for deployment with Geoprobe® 1.75 in. (44,5mm DE) rods and a 2.25 in. (57mm) OD probe (PN: MH8530 |MN: 214117) for deployment with Geoprobe® 2.25 in. (57mm) rods.

A typical log acquired with the MiHpt system is shown below :


Log MIHpt12, Skuldelev, Denmark: Logs shown left to right are: EC, HPT Pressure (with hydrostatic profile), MIP-PID showing VOC contaminants, and estimated K.










MH6530 combined MIP-HPT probe

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