Training in Sweden

training-suedeWonderful training given by Geoprobe Environmental Technologies in the north of Sweden. Training on this New Direct Push 7822DT delivered with CPT, SPT, DT325 and DTH hammer technologies.

OIHPT in Italia



Geoprobe Environmental Technologies is very pleased to count Andrea Paciolla and Davide Marescotti as trained operators on the OIHPT system which was delivered to INFOMAP srl in Italy.






The very first project involving the team with the OIHPT is a large fuel storage site located in Emilia-Romagna.







A visible image captured on the site at 4.40m below ground surface confirms the presence of coarse material (expected from 2.0 to 7.5m, and as suggested by the EC and HPT pressure logs).





This UV image captured at 6.45m and instantly analyzed through digital filters shows the presence of NAPLs/fuel hydrocarbons (which are expected from 5 to 7.5m, as suggested by the fluorescence log).


Direct Sensing in Czech Republic

Use of Geoprobe® Direct Sensing equipment is increasing in central and eastern Europe :Dekonta

DEKONTA, a private environmental company offering a wide variety of services (including MIP and OIP investigations), is expanding its range of Geoprobe® Direct Image® equipment by adding the HPT to its MIP system.

The HPT data will help better understand contaminant migration pathways, GW velocity/Estimated K … (of course !) but like in many cases also assess the presence and the efficiency of DEKONTA’s injected remediation compounds through comparison with the MIP-EC data.

Training  took place last week on a PCE site in Bohemia, Czech Republic, with the company’s 7822DT #1 (new unit #2 will be delivered soon).

We are wishing further success to the highly-motivated crew and their project managers.


MIP in Switzerland

Geoprobe® Environmental Technologies is providing training solutions on Direct Sensing equipment throughout Europe.

Jérôme Barrau and Nelson Rodrigues Lopes, newly trained DI operators for ISR Injectobohr (groupe Grisoni-Zaugg), are performing MIP & MIHPT investigations with a Geoprobe® 540UD on a site impacted by chlorinated solvents (Vaud, Rhône valley, Switzerland).

IMG_1646 (2) IMG_1678 IMG_1659 (2)

New Geoprobe 7822DT delivered in France

The 7822DT is a versatile machine: direct push, auger and core drilling. These many features do not prevent the 7822DT from maintaining a modest size that allows it to access confined spaces. It combines all the features that Geoprobe® customers are used to as well as new advantages that offer maximum flexibility in the most varied terrain conditions. Many options are available: safety cage, water pump, rod brake.

IMG_20210118_134525 IMG_20210118_134511

Delivery of a new Geoprobe 7822DT

Brand new Geoprobe 7822DT picked up this morning from our workshop.

This unit will perform Geoprobe direct push but also wireline coring and hollow stem auger thanks to the 4 speed coring head and dual winch with mast extention.

20191128_131148320_iOS (002) 20191126_095455309_iOS 20191126_095447970_iOS 20191126_095443300_iOS

Flexible mast option designed for CPT

20 CPT Press

The 20 CPT Press from Geoprobe® is a flexible mast option with a 20-ton capacity, designed specifically for performing cone penetration tests. Its quick mount design allows for attaching the CPT mast to the Geoprobe® 6712DT Direct Push Machine. The light weight of the system and small footprint allows this setup to easily be transported from location to location. This also allows the press to access sites where surface conditions will not support a larger machine.

NEW: Portable Hydraulic Rod Clamp

How to prevent probe rods from falling down hole when pulling them out of the ground?portable-hydraulic-rod-clamp3

Geoprobe® has developed this new system to remedy the problem. Easy-to-use and durable, this system can be attached to most 6610DT, 6620DT, 6712DT, 7730DT and 7822DT machines and used with 1.25 in. to 3.75 in. rods. Connected to the control panel of the machine, this device of 13 kg will greatly facilitate the task of the operator, especially for deep hole work with Macro-Core® system, or for holding inner rods for Dual Tube systems.

To learn more about this system, watch the video by clicking on one picture attached.


NEW: OIP System


Geoprobe® is pleased to announce the release of its newest direct push logging technology; the Optical Image Profiler (OIP). The OIP is a powerful tool capable of detecting and logging UV induced hydrocarbon fluorescence in soil.

View the introductory presentation below to see how this completely new concept in NAPL delineation technology works.
View Introductory Presentation


NEW: The Geoprobe® machine guide

Guide machines

Discover a new manual that lists all the Geoprobe® machines from largest to smallest. The technical specifications are shown in detail, allowing you to easily compare the available possibilities for each model and to identify the one that could best fit your needs.

Please click on the picture shown here to have a look at this guide.

Note: Some models (3230DT / 3200, 8040DT, 6625CPT, 7800 and 5410) are not available in Europe.


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New corporate video

We invite you to discover our new 2-minute video that presents our company and its activities.

For more information, please contact us by phone (+32 67 44 25 41) or via

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Probing Times Spring 2015

PT Spring 2015


The new Probing Times is issued.

We are convinced that the articles featured in this edition will constitute for you a mine of interesting information. If you wish to receive the original version (printed on glossy paper) of this edition, simply ask by email and we will send you a copy by post.