Direct Sensing in Czech Republic

Use of Geoprobe® Direct Sensing equipment is increasing in central and eastern Europe :Dekonta

DEKONTA, a private environmental company offering a wide variety of services (including MIP and OIP investigations), is expanding its range of Geoprobe® Direct Image® equipment by adding the HPT to its MIP system.

The HPT data will help better understand contaminant migration pathways, GW velocity/Estimated K … (of course !) but like in many cases also assess the presence and the efficiency of DEKONTA’s injected remediation compounds through comparison with the MIP-EC data.

Training  took place last week on a PCE site in Bohemia, Czech Republic, with the company’s 7822DT #1 (new unit #2 will be delivered soon).

We are wishing further success to the highly-motivated crew and their project managers.


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