Sampling machines


Geoprobe® 420M


This small machine was developed with the aim of having a powerful but light and maneuverable Direct Push platform. With a weight lower than 200 kg and measuring only 160 X 60 cm in transport mode this unit can reach job locations which are cramped or of limited access. The 420M must be connected to an independent hydraulic power source (sold separately) or to the auxiliary hydraulic ports of another Geoprobe® machine.

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Geoprobe® 540MT


The Geoprobe® 540MT has all the power awaited from a  Geoprobe® Direct Push machine. Manufactured with the same components than the 54 series machines the 540MT is equipped with a hydraulic power pack. It is very maneuverable : 2 persons can easily displace it. In folded/transport mode height is 74 cm and weight is 379 kg. An arm with a handle driving a small wheel allows a 360° rotation for the access to small places.

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Geoprobe® 6011DT – NEW


The Geoprobe® 6011DT is a highly compact, self-contained machine designed for use in confined spaces and on uneven terrain. Featuring high direct thrust power, it is equipped with a GH63 percussion hammer and can accommodate most Geoprobe® tools and data acquisition equipment. Easy to transport and maneuver, it is highly stable and meets all safety standards.

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Geoprobe® 6712DT


Economical, flexible and compact, the model 6712DT is the worthy successor of model 6610DT with very similar features regarding size, efficiency … and a work comfort deserving of the bigger models. What mainly distinguishes model 6712DT from the others is the possibility to dismount it into 3 pieces for transport (e.g. helicopter) into hardly accessible areas. The 6712DT is equipped with a GH63 hammer and can host an optional GA2500 Augerhead for jobs needing use of Hollow Stem Augers.

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7822DT réduite

Geoprobe® 7822DT


The 7822DT is a multi-purpose unit : direct push, rotation and rock coring.  It allows the use of down-the-hole (DTH) hammers and auger work. Despite all of its capabilities the modest size of this unit will allow access to remote locations. It combines the features to which Geoprobe® customers are used to but also proposes new equipment that will bring maximum flexibility in the most varied field conditions. Numerous options are available : safety cage, water pump, rod breaker …

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Geoprobe® 8040LC


This unit is equipped with roto-sonic technology which opens new perspectives not accessible before. This compact machine was also designed and manufactured from head to toe by the engineers from Geoprobe Systems® and shows impressive power. When combined with the sonic tooling, significantly more durable than traditional tooling, the Geoprobe® 8140LC combines speed with optimal recovery (near 100%) of undisturbed/slightly disturbed soil samples. A long stroke (LS) version is also available.

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If you want more information on the capabilities of these machines or a customized offer for one of them, you can contact Fabian De Weirdt by phone on +32 (0)67 44 25 41 or

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